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Emerald Island Resort

Emerald Island Resort is a prestigious gated & guarded community located on Disney’s doorstep.  Surrounded by a Conservation Area, it encompasses over 300 acres with 11 heavily wooded acres right in the middle of the community.  Once inside, you feel as if you have entered a special preserve.  Owners and Guests alike can utilize all the facilities provided within the resort, which include the clubhouse sauna, fitness center, games arcade, Internet cafe, Free Wifi around the pool areas, Tiki-bar, 2 heated community pools and spas, volleyball, tennis courts, basketball facilities, kiddie play areas, and much more. The resort is made up of 505 single family homes (pool homes) and 216 townhomes.

While other resorts maintain their facilities, we at Emerald Island constantly strive to improve ours!

This brief report is a synopsis of information that you as potential buyer should be aware of and should aid you in making a purchase decision.

If you choose to rent your home for vacation purposes we encourage you, as the home owner, to list the property on the website  Listing is free and this is the only website we can give out to guests interested in renting.

Our websites contain valuable information and is the best way for us to communicate with owners.  We send out monthly bulletins, you can check your account balance, pay your dues, see if there are any covenant issues, and be updated with all the happenings of the resort.

As a potential buyer we would like to bring your attention to the following information to aid you in your purchasing decision.

Things you should be aware of to make an informed purchase decision

The Associations (amounts and what they cover)

There are three associations, Masters, Villas and Manors.

Upon purchasing your new home you will become a member of two associations. Everyone belongs to the Master and they take care of all the common areas. After that it depends on the property you purchase. Purchasing a single family home means you will become a member of the Manors and a townhome owner becomes a member of the Villas.

At the time of purchase there is a onetime Capital Contribution fee that must be paid for all property sales.  The fee in total is $3,000.00 (The Master receives $2,800 and the sub receives $200).

The Master Association covers the following: ($234.50 per month) cancelled

Cable, internet, gates, roads, clubhouse, bathhouse, security, fountains, children’s play areas, recreation areas, compactor, etc.

The Villas Associations dues cover the following: ($215.00 per month)

Insurance on the buildings (most owners should obtain a policy for the interior including belongings), the roofs, painting of the exterior of the townhome including the balconies and patios (repair works are owners responsibility), landscaping, valet trash service Monday through Saturday, cleaning of sidewalks and walkways to the units, repairs to sidewalks, etc.

The Manors Associations dues cover the following; (112.00 per month)

Sidewalk repairs, landscaping maintenance, etc.

Please contact the association manager should you wish to see a copy of the budget for any of the three associations to get a full breakdown.

Fees are subject to change upon yearly review or in the event of a special assessment.


Basic Rules and Regulations

Although each association has their own set of governing documents, the Master Association dictates most of the bylaws within our resort. If you need a full set of documents, please contact our Association Manager.

Rules and Regulations in short…

No campers, RV, trailers, or boats are permitted unless they are able to be stored in the garage.  Townhomes do not have garages.  We will only permit guest and owners to load and unload only.  We currently do not have a storage facility on property but do have alternative sites at a cost.

The single family homes have trash services on Mondays only.  Recycling is done on Fridays.  The Villas have valet trash Monday through Saturday (there are plastic bins located by the entrance doors).

Parking on the street (does not apply to Townhomes) is permitted but on even sides during even months and odd sides during odd months.

Pets – pets are permitted within the resort.  Per Florida State Law pets must be on a leash and you must pick up after your pets.  There is no restriction on the number of pets.  We do offer pet stations in different areas of the resort.

Any exterior modification requires approval by the Architectural Review Board.  There are forms available on the website.

There  is no mailbox ability here within the resorts.  Owners can have mail delivered to clubhouse but Guest and Tenants must obtain a post box at a place offering such services.

Once you become an owner we will send you a welcome page as well as your payment coupons.  Once you do close we will need a copy of the HUD statement in order to transition the property to your name and set up the cable.  Our website is vital to our communication and owner information, and we strongly encourage you to review the website after you become an owner in order to be fully updated on the rules and the happenings of the resort.

If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact our Association Manager, Tammy, at

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